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Harassment, Discrimination and Retaliation Prevention Training Now Required for All California Employers

In September 2018, Governor Brown signed SB 1343, which expands mandatory sexual harassment prevention training to require California businesses with five or more employees (including temporary and seasonal employees) to provide sexual harassment training to all employees by January 1, 2020.  Importantly, employers must count independent contractors in…

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California Workplace Privacy Rights

Question: What privacy rights do my employees have and how can I comply with the laws protecting privacy rights?…

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WORKPLACE LAW – Risks of Using Social Media to Screen Applicants

Question: As a small employer, I do not perform pre-hire background checks, but I have been google-searching candidates…

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WORKPLACE LAW – Cell Phones at Work

QUESTION: My company restricts employee use of personal cell phones while on duty. This policy does not stop employees…

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WORKPLACE LAW – Sexual Harassment and Defamation

Question: In my job as a supervisor, I received a complaint that one of the employees I supervise was sexually…

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WORKPLACE LAW – Update to Employer Response to Immigration Audit

Question: I read in a recent Workplace Law article that I cannot voluntarily consent to an ICE agent accessing…

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WORKPLACE LAW – Expanding Flexibility in Employee Handbooks

Question: I am drafting an employee handbook for my business. I keep reading about new NLRB guidance on employee…

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NEWSLETTER – Game Changer: Do you use Independent Contractors?

Do you use Independent Contractors? Make sure they are properly classified under new game changing California Supreme…

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WORKPLACE LAW – Options to Consider When an Employee Gives Notice

Question: One of my employees recently gave his two-weeks’ notice after informing me that he is going to work for a…

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